Saturday, October 01, 2005

Yucking Fankees!

Still a great day, though. My dad and I got to our seats before lineups were announced (with beers in hand of course). I had bought a calendar to support Canine Companions, so i entertained myself looking through the calendar, which is filled with pictures of Red Sox players and puppies. And you know me; when i got to David Ortiz, I was particularly joyful. "Big Papi! Small puppy! Big Papi, Small puppy!"

My dad should have been in the dugout today. Here's what would happen when Randy Johnson was pitching.
"Watch. Fastball"
I look up. Fastball 94
Look up at the board: slider 68.
"Another slider."
Yup, you guessed it.

he didn't get one wrong once! Yay, Dad!

Not many fights during the game until the 8th and 9th when Yankee fans were egging on Sox fans by waving their shirts around. There was almost a girl fight five rows behind us. One of the girls who was talking smack had a hat made out of balloons, like you usually see on five year olds. Tough to look tough while wearing that.

Sad game... Meredith and John who sit next to me and i were discussing the similarity of the crowd behavior to game 3 of the ALCS last year. Very interesting stuff.

At least Cleveland lost, and the Sox will win tomorrow! Go Sox!

After the game, we went to my condo to pick up my mom and go out for ice cream. Now it's off to meet Katie to head out to see Oge and friends. YAY!

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