Wednesday, October 26, 2005

SDM Business Trip Pool Outing

Last night Paul B planned an outing to a local pool hall. I met up for dinner at Cambridge Side Brewery first with Spiros and Christian. After that, we headed around the corner to the pool hall. The usual suspects and then some were there: Sam, Matt, Matti, Spiros, Christian, Paul B, Dave, and an SDM 04 from Boston and Steve, Yaming, Kevin B., Sky from distance. We really need more women in the program. Not that I don't love hanging out with the guys--they're all really great--would just be nice to have a wingwoman once in a while =D

This morning I spent a good two hours cleaning spyware off my machine. I don't now how non-technical people can deal with that stuff. It's very complex to remove, even for a software person like me. This one was a very fun trojan that kept spawing different spyware apps. So much fun.

Then it was off to MIT to hear our keynote speaker, Tom Rosburn of Honeywell, brought in by John Haj. We was a good speaker. It's also cool because the SDM06's are here, so we get to meet them. Unfortunately, they are still just 10% women. Everybody does seem nice though.

Now Jan is doing her debrief. Guess I should stop being rude and go listen =)

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