Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The good part about Miers' nomination

The only part about Miers' nomination that makes me smile is Arlen Specter's visibility on the case. It reminds me of a time back in 1996 when I was at Dartmouth.

I was walking over to the apartment of my friends Melissa and Selma. Seeing as how it was senior year and a day that ended in a 'Y,' I was hungover. Okay, I wasn't that bad senior year, but I was definitely hungover that day.

I had almost reached their apartment when a funny-looking dude got in my path. He told me his name was (Something) Specter and that he was running for President. We often had presidential candidates running around Dartmouth during election years, seeing as how we were up in New Hampshire at all. These ranged from the Hemp Lady to Bill Clinton to Bob Dole. Despite this knowledge, I didn't believe this guy and his funny, made-up name for a second. "Sure you are," I replied. "So am I!" and walked away.

With that, I went upstairs to my friends' apartment, leaving the guy standing there looking flabbergasted. I told my friends that some dude named "Something Specter" had made up some story about running for President. Being much more politically savvy than me, they laughed hysterically and told me who he was. They then looked out the window and confirmed the guy outside was him.

Yay, hungover 22-year-old Ilana!


Yoav said...

That's hilarious. He *is* an odd-looking guy, though.

I see you've taken the dark path of Google Ads, huh?

Ilana said...

Yeah, do they look awful? I figured I'd give it a try

Dingo said...

You weren't there when McCain spoke at the house (I was up for home coming or something). He signed the pencil.