Monday, October 17, 2005

Everything is a bright, shiny object today

I am having one of those days in which everything is distracting me. It's been very hard to settle down and get work done. Not quite sure what the cause is. Maybe seeing the sun after so much wind and rain? Hmm...I have no idea. I'd like to continue guessing, but I need to go try to focus my attention on something. What, I have no idea. But something.

OOo! And I hope y'all noticed that earlier today I finally put a description under the "Ilana's Blog" up top. I'm proud of me and my description-publishing initiative.


Robbie Allen said...

Very nice description. Perhaps the only time SDM and sports have been used in the same sentence??

Ilana said...

=D except for our killer basketball pick-up games!

Okay, I know Yoav's response to this so will fill it in for him:

Yoav: "That you haven't been to in I don't know how long." ;)