Sunday, October 16, 2005

Saturday Update

Yesterday was a great day. I puttered about until about 5:30, at which time I picked up Brian and headed to Dave and Christian's. There we met up with their friend Matt, Dave's sister Meghan, and picked up Matti and Dave's friend from college Erica.

We headed down to Fall River to see the (crap, Denver just had a huge run) The Avett Brothers, a bluegrass group out of North Carolina. Dave and Christian have been watching these guys for years (crap, Denver scored. We look bad). I went with them once before to a concert at a bar in Harvard Square.

The concert was even better this time. The venue was at a Fall River arts center. It was a big open room set up with pews. The only problem with the set-up was that it did have a church-y feeling to it; during the opening act, I felt like I was talking in class when I whispered.

Then the Avett Brothers came on. They are so much fun. Great energy, great humor, great songs. By the end, we were all up and dancing in the back. Oh, and Dave and Matt went out to get take-out for dinner: buffalo wings, hummus, and bruschetta.

Afterwards, we headed home, with Christian DJ'ing once again on Meghan's iPod. Too much fun....

And today: After having some trouble getting out of bed this morning, I went to Costco. (Oo...Simms just called this challenge wrong. He said the elbow didn't count as being down, but then the referees contradicted him. Now he's pretending he was saying this the whole time. Dumbass). I finished my errands in this whipping wind and headed home.

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