Friday, October 28, 2005

Software engineer at her best

Okay, so it's not really software-centric, but man, do I feel like a dope.

I have spent about 12 hours over the last three days trying to rid myself of what I thought was spyware being constantly invoked by a trojan. I even deleted and reinstalled Firefox because it spawned windows that Explorer did not, even when i followed the same paths.

I kept getting a window that said, "Zedo blah blah." Turns out has this embedded in some of their pages and Firefox doesn't kill the popup.

This seems to be a fairly common problem. I am currently downloading Firefox's adblaster plugin to take care of these windows.

Always the most obvious solution, huh?


Yoav said...

Try NoScript before AdBlaster: I like it better. It's more effective and results in a faster browsing experience because it doesn't kill windows: it prevents the JavaScript that spawns them from executing in the first place.

Ilana said...

Thanks, Yoav! =)