Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Nomahhh saved two women from drowning. I'm sorry, but the best part of that article isn't Nomar diving in to save them or the uncle jumping from the 20-foot's the fact that the second woman fell in after the first.

Seriously....close your eyes, great mental picture (well, close them after reading). They're leaving Tavern on the Water. They've had a wee bit too much to drink. One of them leans over the water to look at something sparkly and falls in. The other one leans over to check on her friend and ker-splash! If it wasn't for Nomar, I'm guessing the second may have qualified for the Darwin award.

So do you think Nomar was just jealous of all the attention that A-Rod was getting for saving the little boy last year (by pushing him out of the street, away from an oncoming car)? I also can't believe Nomar's place is only on the second floor. I thought we were talking, like, penthouse here. I wonder if he's the one with the telescope. If you live in Charlestown or have ever walked by those condos (blanking on the name), you know the one I'm talking about.

PostscriptOkay, I just read that the woman was trying to save her friend. I should feel like a jerk, but I still think the above image is funny in sort of an immature Ilana type way.

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toddb said...

these 2 women=lemmings.