Monday, October 17, 2005

Thank you, Quality Volvo Auto Repairs!

This morning I took my car into Quality Volvo in Wakefield. It had failed inspection for the second straight year for the same reason: the driver's side front suspension. I had been dreading this appointment all week. I really like the mechanics there, but was willing myself to leave if I felt they did not treat me fairly.

I got there around 8am. I told them what had happened and asked to get an estimate before they went ahead and did any repairs. I sat down on the couch (with the owner's golden retriever that is always in the office), and did homework.

At 9:15, they gave me the bill marked with no charge. They had replaced a part on the car for free. They said it really didn't need to be replaced, but since it failed inspection, they considered it to be under warrantee and fixed it. I asked how it wouldn't need to be replaced if it had failed, and they told me that Volvos have different alignment from most cars, and some of the inspectors do not account for this.

I really don't like the guy who did my inspection. After taking it back to get my sticker (I already paid for the inspection, and the final look has no charge), I will not return there. I went back this year because I was happy he had found something wrong the previous year, figuring his attention to detail would help me be more safe. Finding the same thing two years in a row is a little weird, though.


Yoav said...

I know the nicest inspector! He's on Harvard St. in Brookline across from Anna's.

Eve said...

glad it all worked out:) silly inspector people

Ilana said...

Thanks Yoav! I'll definitely have to get that info from you next year.