Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Excellent Project Management class

I found today's System Project Management class to be very enjoyable. We had a guest speaker who led a discussion about a Microsoft Office case study. It is fun when we talk about software in the SDM core classes, as the people who are usually the quietest in most discussion suddenly come alive to talk about software.

Between my Business of Software and Project Management classes, I am beginning to think they should change the name of the school to the Microsoft Institute of Technology. =) However, that might just be because I think I'm funny. Yoav commented that the name should involve a mention of the defense and aerospace fields that are always cited. I agree with him there, too, but my new name for MIT is so cute it's like, panda cute!


steven_sinofsky said...

Hey there -- which case did you do and who was the guest speaker?

Ilana said...

The guest speaker was Ricardo Valerdi, and the case study was the Microsoft Office 2000 study (#9-600-097). Not sure if you can see this link (http://custom.hbsp.com/b02/en/implicit/viewFileNavBeanImplicit.jhtml?_requestid=22085), but I'm sure you know the details of this case very well =)

steven_sinofsky said...

If it is the Office 2000 case from HBS (Alan MacCormack) then I do know it. I was at HBS 2 weeks ago and we taught it for a class there.

Maybe next time I can help at SDM/Sloan?

I don't know Ricardo though.

Ilana said...

Wow. That would be amazing if you could help out with the talk. Yes, it is the HBS case.

Is it okay if I refer the professor, Ollie de Woeck to you? Thanks so much!!! I'd definitely return to the class to hear you talk about the case (as I know many in my class would)