Saturday, October 15, 2005

Busy Friday Night

After class, Robbie, Yoav, Dharmesh, and I headed to the Helmand to discuss our Business of Software project. After a bit of initial talk, we ordered a delicious dinner and got deeper into our topic of Web 2.0. It was really quite an exciting discussion; the group is very knowledgable about basically all aspects of Web 2.0, so it was good to be able to listen and participate. I had initially had trouble with the definition of Web 2.0 itself, but that is part of what everybody runs into with it apparently.

After that, I rushed home, dropped off my car, and raced into the North End to meet up with Suzanne and Matthew who were in town so that Matthew can look at schools. They saw Tufts yesterday, and are off to Bowdoin today. I sat with them at the restaurant for a while. Afterwards, we headed to Mike's but the line was ridiculous, even the "local express" line (i.e. the rapid way to the counter for those that lived in the North End and know the tricks =D). We left there and walked to Bova's instead. From there, it was back across the bridge to Charlestown.

It was pouring the whole time. At one point, a car hit a puddle, and a huge wall of water like they show in cartoons hit and drenched me. Matthew and Suzanne were hit by separate waves. By the time we got to my condo, we were soaked to the bone. I gave Suzanne a pair of my jeans (which I had inherited from Eve...thanks Eve! We talked for a few hours, then they left at 10pm. I had such a great time with them.

I then started getting ready for bed. However, I talked to Sam on the phone, and ventured out to his friend's party instead. I was happy I did. It was great to hang out with Sam and his friends Brian, Milt, and John. I haven't been to a house party for a while. It was nice to be at one.

This morning I dropped a bunch of clothes and luggage off at Rosie's Place. It took me about a half hour from the time I left my door until I finally left the building to head over there. First, Rosie's Place wasn't on my GPS, so I had to run up and get the address off my computer. Then I ran back downstairs, hopped in my car, reached for my phone, and realized I had no idea where my purse was. I took all the donations out of the trunk to look for it, put them all back, and headed back to my condo where my purse sat next to my computer. I grabbed it and went back downstairs. I was finally on my way.

And now I'm doing homework. =)

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