Friday, October 07, 2005

Good day, except for Sox

Today was a good day. Great software engineering class in the morning, then, after a two-hour sit through system architecture, great business of software class.

Interesting contrasts today... in software engineering, we were talking about the failure of reuse, while in business of software, we talked about how it helps. I still think that reuse needs to be done with care and only in appropriate situations (easy for me to write, huh?)

Then after watching the Sox, Eve and I went for dinner at Legal Seafood. We each had a bowl of chowder, then shared the butterfish and crab dip appetizers. Sooo good. I felt Eve's baby kick (she is 6.5 months pregnant). So exciting.

Then over to Tavern on the Water for a drink with Jeff (Eve had water). We only stayed for about an hour, then headed home to watch the Yankees game.

I'm still debating going to Atlanta. On one hand, I'd love to see the Pats game and all my friends there. On the other hand, I wouldn't be flying back til Tuesday morning, keeping me from my own bed for three nights. Hmmm... It's tough with all the classes...i'm so scared to get worn out and fall behind.


Yoav said...

I say go for it. It'll be a fun trip. We don't have classes on Monday or Tuesday anyways, and IIRC you don't have any on Wednesday either... So go for it, have fun ;)

Eve said...

I'm 7.5 months pregnant... but whose counting anyway... Love you!