Saturday, October 08, 2005

Still here

I decided not to go to Atlanta this weekend. While I was really looking forward to seeing Sharleene and my other friends--and of course watching the Patriots from ten rows back--I forewent the trip in favor of catching up on stuff here. I want to get ahead in my homework so that I can spend time with my family this coming week and finish swapping out winter for summer clothes.

I tried to change my flight from coming home Tuesday to coming home Monday or Sunday after the game, but couldn't, and that ended up being the dealbreaker.

I have been cleaning and doing errands this morning. I decided to take a spare suitcase that has been sitting in my closet since I used here into storage. When I lifted it for the second time, I realized it was heavy. I opened to see if there was something in it, and there was full of clothes!!! Winter clothes! Over half still had their tags on. There was also a sweater that Kellie and I had bought together. We had bought twin outfits from sweater to skirt to boots, and I was really sad to have lost the sweater. But I found it! YAY!

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