Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wednesday of the Business Trip

We had an interesting speaker in Tom Rosburn of Honeywell. He spoke about climbing to upper management. A discussion of the quality of the talk ensued, followed by a question and answer session for the 06's to grill us on the program. The talk was mostly dominated by employment questions. Afterwards, several of us milled about to entertain individual questions.

Then it was back to the SDM offices with Matt, Dave, Yaming, and Kevin. We sat in a team room and worked for a while. Those guys crack me up. It's fun to study with others in the room, although maybe not very efficient.

Tonight we had a speaker. I did not find I connected with him very much. I must admit I am tired of the "born with leadership" or "learned leadership" question. Dude, born with leadership does not sell books. Learning it does. What do you think these guys are going to say?!?

Ooo! The talk is over! I can emerge from my corner =)

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