Monday, October 31, 2005

Back to work

Ah, so it's monday and I'm back to work after an adventure-full weekend. On Saturday, I went with Katie and her friends to two parties: a very fun one at Hurricane O'Reilley's, and a very awful one at some dude's house (long story, ask for it. It's pretty funny, but too long to write)

Last night, I went to the Pats game with my dad. The game was just awful. Being with my dad at the game was fun, as was tailgating with Mark and Jonathan, friends of our family.

Okay, gotta work, but felt bad for not blogging much.

BTW, duck tour goers, how was that?

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Mane the Mean said...

Writing 9 short lines cannot cure your bad feeling for not blogging much.

We need more to read!