Monday, October 10, 2005

MITRE uses VenSim

Just did a Google search on MITRE's internal pages, and 45 results were returned for VenSim, the systems dynamics project management software I was panning.

Luckily I only had a small lunch so I have room for dessert when I am forced to eat my words.


Yoav said...

It shouldn't be surprising -- as an aerospace/defense contractor, MITRE is one of those companies that can take as long as it wants to build fancy models ;)

Ilana said...

Here at MITRE, we refer to such models as "fancy-schmancy," not just "fancy."

( stadium noise )
DEEEE-fense (clap, clap)
DEEEE-fense (clap, clap)
(picture of random guy holding up letter "D" and a cut-out of a fence)
DEEEE-fense (clap, clap)
( / stadium noise)

Mane the Mean said...

Building SystemDynamics-models does
not take that long once one learns
how to do them.

And they are pretty useful in understanding
dynamics phenomena, IMHO.

I liked the course in the summer, although
the HW was a bit tedious to do, not hard

Anonymous said...

Mmm, that must be some yummy kool-aid. Check out the President's Report in this newsletter:
(The official system dynamics society newsletter).

Yes, the field is fantastic, the only problem is that there aren't enough competent SysDyn practitioners.

This President, Nam Suh, and Edward Crawley should just engage in a heated threesome and I'm sure all the world's problems will be solved.