Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hi, my name's Ilana, and I'm a SYTYCD junkie

Okay, I admit it. I have four episodes of "So You Think You can Dance" saved on my TiVo. I've watched each at least three times. Sometimes to perfect the steps I've learned off the show, sometimes just to watch.

The one thing I can't watch is Lauren Sanchez. That woman freaks me out. She makes Michael Jackson look natural. Seriously, check the photos.

Anyway, the more I watch, the more I still think Nick should have won. However, I also still think Ashle should have been the top woman. She has incredible lines; she always holds her form. She also has longer lines than little Melody, which may have hurt her in the fast-paced final girls dance. It's much harder to get those longer legs to do the quicker movements (believe me, I remember from being a way over-tall pre-teen).

I'm sure most of my audience just doesn't care about SYTYCD, but I am seriously hooked.

Thankfully, another very guilty pleasure--Comedy Central's "Drawn Together"--starts back up next wednesday. Dude, between "Lost," "South Park," and "Drawn Together," Thursday TiVo will be just awesome. And if they get SYTYCD back on Wednesday at 8pm...dude...


Yoav said...

You're not serious about watching the show and practicing "the moves" at home, are you? ;)

Ilana said...

Hells yeah! ( Demonstrates /)

Anonymous said...

I NEED to find out the names and artists who sing the songs that are played when people are eliminated. Iv'e searched and can't find info anywhere. Can you help???