Monday, July 11, 2005

What is "deceptively easy?"

That would be the accounting exam questions according to our TA. I actually guffawed in class when she used that phrase. HAHAHA


Mane the Mean said...

I left the building when she started.
Spending time in these TA-sessions
is total waste. What a bore,
what an nonexistent competence
in teaching.

Yoav said...

I completely agree with Matti. If I sat where he does in the room, I'd have left too. Waste of time, this TA.

Mane the Mean said...

Yep. I did the sample exam.
I got it 70% right after just
reading the lecture notes. I
intend to do the 2nd sample
and check some HW. Then I
should be ready.

I think that I will not bother
to prepare cheat sheet. Right now
I consider it unnecessary.
I may change my mind though.