Thursday, July 28, 2005

Finally Focused!

Every so often (okay, very rarely), I will get myself into a cleaning frenzy. For me it's a frenzy, for most it would probably be called "just cleaning up." I was commenting to Dan that the extremely helpful ADHD book I bought last year had said that when you (person with ADHD/ADD) is focused on a task such as cleaning, continue to do that not stop to rest even a second, or the focus will drift.

Dan's comment: "So, did you ever finish that ADHD book?"

Of course I didn't. We got to wondering if the last line of the book says something like, "If you got this far, you're cured!"


Mane the Mean said...

It is not impossible for a ADD-person to read a whole book. Trust me, I have read so many books on ADD and psychology in general. I even think that ADD-persons are much more likely to read great many books than the "normal" persons.

It is a different thing if one
suffers from Tourette's syndrome.

Ilana said...

It's not impossible...just more difficult.