Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Join me in my boycott of Sears!

Those of you that knew me last year around this time may remember a particularly disgruntled Ilana. I had just bought a top-of-the-line washer and dryer from Sears (over $2000 for the set) that looked wonderful sitting in my living room. Ya see, I had given the specs to the sales guy who saw the huge commission and sold me the set anyway. Sigh...

So Sears came out EIGHT TIMES. They also had to come out to bring me a stackable and take my gorgeous washer and dryer away after a MONTH. Grrrrr....

So anyway. Bygones. Haven't bought a damn thing at Sears since except for a printer I got with all the gift certificates I made them give me for my trouble.

And now the credit company has started up. I bought the W/D on a Sears card so I could have a year of no payments. EVERY SINGLE MONTH I have been assessed late fees and have had to call and have them strike them from the record.

So today I called and asked to be compensated for my time. I was transferred to a manager (David G.), who had as much intelligence in his skull as I do in the pinky nail of my right toe. In a rather combative manner, David G. told me that they don't compensate for wasted time. I asked him why, if they charged late fees, should we not be able to similarly use time and be compensated for it. Brainiac got mad and said, "So what's wrong with late fees?" I answered, "Other than the fact I should not be charged any? Nothing. You're missing the point."

I could go on, but will conclude with this: Apparently David G. is the highest we get in the Sears credit customer service hierarchy. He told me he was the end of the line (of course smartass here has to say, "So you don't report to anyone?" "Yes, ma'am, but you can't talk to them.") So now I need to write a letter.

I thought Sears was awful before, but now with the latest dealings with their credit folk, they are even lower in my book. TO quote RainMan, "KMart sucks!"

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Eve said...

I'll join you in the boycott of sears... I say "'F' sears"!!!