Monday, July 25, 2005

Beach day on Sunday

After an adventurous night out with Sam and my Warren Tavern softball teammates, I headed to the beach with Andrew. We made a last-minute decision to head for Singing Beach in Manchester. My GPS guided us right there.

It was gorgeous! I was very impressed. Nice, clean sand, gorgeous water, beautiful rock formations a few hundred yards out. That plus they had Ritchie's Slush! I got one scoop raspberry and one scoop watermelon. So yummy. I even dove into the water at some point. It's like hopping into a vat of astringent.

After the beach, I asked a local where to eat lunch, so Andrew and I went to The Landing for some seafood. The bread and fried scallops were excellent. My scrod dish was good, but I am developing a distaste for the cod and haddock that usually comprise scrod.

We then headed home, somehow ending up making a turn into Charlestown directly behind my mom and dad! Andrew honked the horn, and after some confusion, my parents waved. Andrew dropped me off, and I went for a quick walk with my parents. They took the water shuttle over to the aquarium, then walked back by way of Dino's in the North End. They brought me a salad for dinner. Thanks, mom and dad! They then went home, and I went back to doing homework. It was very nice to see them, if only for a short time.

I was exhausted from the day (oh, and being out the previous night), and got into bed around 8pm, fast asleep by 9.

Today I finally went to see a doctor about my stomach. I still have constant nausea and a bit of vomiting (sorry to be icky). Perhaps the worst thing about the nausea is that every time I think or say the word "nausea," I have to think or say "Austin Power's fashah" in Goldmember's voice. Anyway, the doctor thinks that my stomach problems are probably still a result of my mourning, but they ran a bunch of tests anyway.


Yoav said...

Had you never been to Singin' Beach? It's one of Alli and my favorites, we go there a handful of times per year usually. Parking is a hassle, but the beach is awesome!

Ilana said...

Had never been before. When I was younger, I went to Hampton or Nantasket. Didn't really go the one summer I lived here after school.