Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Time to stop whining about the weather

Headline from the Globe: "Heat wave causes more misery"

Today is 93 degrees. Hot, yes. But there's only 26% humidity! That's friggin' gorgeous.

Seriously! "It's too hot." Or two months ago, "It's too cold." Dudes...y'all sound like the 85-year-old woman who was my landlady in the North End...she never knew what to complain about first. Maybe if everybody stopped complaining, there'd be less hot air floating around.

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Mane the Mean said...

Try turning off your AC at home.

It gets seriously hot that way.

Not that I would mind the heat here
in Boston. It was much hotter
in Hangzhou in 2003: 50 days in a row with highs over 35C and lows over 30C, and during many days over 38C.
That was serious heat, and ideal
for cycling.

And in Kashgar and Turpan it was
42C every day. Great. Beer has
never tasted that good. Not
even Chinese.