Friday, July 22, 2005

Sloanie hits Newbury Street

I had an appointment in town today which finished around 1pm. As I was walking back to the train, I called Corny and Hillary who are visiting from Atlanta to make plans for sometime over their stay. It turns out they were four blocks from where I was, shopping on Newbury Street.

Needless to say, I joined them (people tend to leave my office on Friday by 1:30). We had a great time, stopping in everywhere and chatting. And, of course, the crown jewel : ice cream at JP Licks, which I have been craving like a pregnant woman for weeks now. I had a chocolate chip cookie yogurt and oatmeal cookie yogurt in a waffle cone. YUM. It was sunny and hot today...just gorgeous. I loved seeing Corny and Hillary. Their one-year anniversary is this weekend. Yay!!! Hopefully I will get to see them again before they go.

The bad part about the shopping was that I had to come home and finish up work late. D'oh! I have been making good progress on my project, so the work was actually fairly enjoyable. Of course, it has me in on a Friday night AGAIN. I guess it's been good, though, because I finished up work around 9pm, then did some homework (still working on it actually).

Just got a call from the Charlestown Crew, out terrorizing Boston. Woohoo! Not joining them tonight, but definitely jealous. =)

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Yoav said...

JP Licks is SOOOO good, now I'm craving it just becasue I read your post...