Thursday, July 28, 2005

Parking at MIT

I arrived on campus at 7:58 today, and drove to the West Annex lot where I usually park. There were no spots available. This happens sometimes, so I simply drove on. I drove down the street, looking for street spots, nothing. On to Mem Drive...nothing. Back to West Annex...nothing. Mem Drive...nothing. Street...nothing. Around and around and around. By now it's 8:20, and I had decided it was time to sneak into another lot. Unfortunately, this was the day that they actually had someone monitoring it. ARGH. So I parked at a meter, which will expire at 10:25, before 10:30 end of my class.

So do I leave midclass to feed the meter? Leave class early? Just risk it?

I pay $567 a year to park here. I should not have to put up with this crap.


Mane the Mean said...

Use public transport.
It is much cheaper.

Or, as an avid excerciser you
could even cycle.

Yoav said...

But she needs to get to work after class, and work is not accessible by public transportation.

You're right that when you pay that much, you should have a more or less guaranteed spot. Doesn't your payment get your a green permit?

Mane the Mean said...

Why not leaving the car in some
park-and-ride-station and take
T from Kendall to the the stop?
Would save some money and
would not be much slower (as
T is faster than car inside the
city, I assume).

Or, asking for the BOSS for some
lenience. like coming later to
work - or working from MIT, or
from home. Is there absolute need
to be in the office (work related,
not pleasing the BOSS)?

Ilana said...

I am a huge proponent of both public transportation and especially walking; I walk to Fenway Park from my condo, a good four miles.

However, what you are proposing is simply impossible. The ride from Charlestown to MIT is 48 minutes ( Not going to put my address online, but trust me)

As for my boss, he has been very lenient. I worked from home often last term, but my current project is filled with meetings. With the public transportation option, I would be losing an extra two hours out of my day, which I simply cannot afford. Yes, today sucked, but it was still only 30 minutes total, 45 with the drive over (which was also longer than usual).

Mane the Mean said...

Reading this story makes me
miss European traffic systems
even more than I did before.

It seems, that traffic is reason
for which I am likely to return
to Europe soon after my studies.

Havign to spend any time daily
in a private car is totally
against my taste of good
quality of life.

Yoav said...

Best option is to start your own company, focusing on consulting for cats regarding cereal selection, do it from home. Sell the car altogether.

Ilana said...

You guys crack me up =D

Traffic is the bane of my existence. I become a mean, horrible person behind the wheel (meaner? more horrible?)

I really wish I could work in the city so I could walk or take the T to work. And shop at Filene's Basement all day long!

Hmm...maybe cereal and dental floss...

Mane the Mean said...

Having a car cost $500/month.
With 30% tax rate it makes %714.
So, having to own a car
to go to the office means that
you would be as well with $8500
less salary and no car.
(or, you could take 1.5 months

Ilana said...

Good logic...unless the car is paid for, which mine is =).