Sunday, July 10, 2005


So despite the fact I've been sailing since before I kissed a boy (wow! I was like 17!... kidding, really 8 or so), MIT requires that newcomers to MIT sailing take a lesson. So today, my hours from 9:30-2:30 were spent re-learning how to sail and out on the water.

It was actually a lot of fun. The instructors were very quick and funny. For instance, when they were talking about avoiding other watercraft, one of them mentioned the crew boats. He pointed out that the rowers were very intent on what they were doing and would not see you. "And this person here," he said, pointing to the coxswain, "Is very small, so they won't listen to him either if he tells them to slow down." Maybe you had to be there, but it was funny.

Anyway, as the one person with any experience in the class, I got to demonstrate some stuff, which was cool. Then sailed around on the water for about 1.5 hours with some random guy I was paired with. All in all, a good time.

Now it's time to study. For REAL this time.

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