Sunday, July 17, 2005

Rant: Worst reading quiz ever

Okay, warning: I am grumpy as hell. I haven't been able to keep food down for over 50 hours now, so am definitely not chipper, compounded by my mourning.

Anyway, this is the worst, dumbest reading quiz ever. It's so frustrating!!! When I think about systems engineering, I think of a set of accepted tenets which clear the way for effective analysis, design, and implementation of a range of systems. The papers we have read for this class have repeatedly fallen well outside this definition. I have tried to google for many phrases contained in these papers and come up with NOTHING.

For example, this week's paper is on isoperformance approach, specifically performance invariant sets. Go try googling "performance invariant set." C'mon, get outta here and google it. As usual, nothing but academic papers, primarily MIT ones. If this is such an accepted tool, why am I not seeing pages such as Dell or Slashdot or other engineering stuff pop up?

Grr...I try to remain optimistic about this class, but it is taking me a lot to concentrate on anything right now, and this article and related quiz are certainly not worth my effort or time.


Cybersam said...

Really, it's that bad. Thanks for the heads up. Yikes.

Yoav said...

50 hrs without food ;( Maybe I'll try tempting you with various foods in class tomorrow to see what happens... You already know my stance regarding the practicality of stuff taught in this class...

Ilana said...

Well, not so much without food...I ate a couple of times, but unfortunately kept throwing it up =(

The slice of toast with peanut butter I had at 6pm seems to have settled nicely though, so I'm hoping that the whole thing is done.