Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Systems Engineering professors

I really enjoy Professor Frey's respect for his students and willingness to adapt to their requests. He continues to be flexible in allowing for the growing number of software students in SDM. During class today I was thinking about the metaphor between the professors and the subject they teach.

Professor Frey resembles what I believe to be the essence of systems engineering: his basic requirements are to teach the class, help us learn, etc. However, his implementation has changed as dictated by the class; he has willingly added in a software sway, even though it is not his area of expertise. He is working hard to work in the "late requirements" presented by his changing classes. His design methodology is more of a spiral, incorporating additional functionality as he continues on. As a side note, I am enjoying his classes more and more as he continues to tailor them.

Professor Clausing is more regimented systems engineering. He has his preordained requirements and sticks by them. He also refers to lessons learned from the past more. He is using older design methodologies, which is one thing he recommends in his various papers.

I may write more on this subject later, but need to get back to the homework now.

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