Thursday, July 14, 2005

Out with the kids

After sailing yesterday, I went home, did some work, then headed into town to meet up with Brie, Amy, and Andrew at The Place. They had been there for a few hours before I got there, and were quite chummy with the bartender. He asked what I wanted, so I asked him what his favorite drink to make was, and went with that.

It was a fruity, sweet martini. At the top, he had drawn a big red heart in some kind of syrup. It lasted 2/3 of the martini! Impressive. And it was on the house. YAY

I hadn't seen Brie for a while. She looks great (as always), and always cracks me up. Good to be out with Andrew as always, though I left before Dave arrived.

Now I'm in systems engineering. The lecture is actually pretty interesting...object-oriented design and web services.


Yoav said...

How long was the lecture interesting for? ;)

Mane the Mean said...

For me, it was interesting
the whole time.

DOME is a very promising system.

Maybe I will go and work for this
prof Wallace... after my thesis....

Ilana said...

Sigh...not very. Note the time of my post...I thought it was at least an hour later....