Friday, July 22, 2005

Ilana: The Ultimate Sloanie

I have encountered a little mystery. I decided to take a break from doing homework recently, but couldn't move from my chair as Scully was sleeping comfortably in my lap. So I surfed a bit, then googled my name. (Yes, I'm a dork.) I came across the entry you see to the right.

However, I then clicked through to that page, and the link to my blog had disappeared! Isn't that weird? I wonder if all the babbling about Warren Tavern or Atlanta fell below the Sloan standard =D It's nothing important enough to email Al Essa about (especially since I respect the man and feel pretty honored to have been on his web site at all), but I found the whole thing relatively amusing.


Yoav said...

Interesting observation... Robbie and my blogs are still on there (bottom right side bar). Maybe he doesn't like you personally? ;)

Yoav said...

Hey you've been added back! Last name Davida, but you're back ;)