Thursday, June 16, 2005

So Busted!

Today in class, the professor cold-called me first...I'm guessing because it was quite obvious that I was much more interested with the South Park character I was creating of myself than his senseless ramblings about some random theory.

Luckily, I pulled out with a vague answer. Woohoo!

That class is absolute torture. The discussions have nothing whatsoever to do with systems engineering. The readings are awful and pointless. I'm very frustrated. If I was paying my own tuition I would be pretty angry about the quality level of several of the SDM classes. Actually, I still am pretty angry, because as Yoav pointed out in class today, I do take time from work to attend class. That, of course, eats away at my gym and social time. Grrrrr.....


Yoav said...

Yeah, terrible class so far ;(

Mane the Mean said...

No, it is getting better
and today it was really interesting.

And the topics really do have lots
to do with systems engineering,
at least according to my short
experience in systems engineering/
architecting some not that trivial
embedded system.

(yes, if one only limits oneself
to pure SW systems on known platforms,
then the class does not add much.
But there is no need to come
to MIT in that case: any
community college would be better
for learning pure SW engineering
in common environments).

Yoav said...

I really don't think any community college would teach SW engineering better than MIT ;)

Mane the Mean said...

Yes, engineering maybe, not science.

And even if not, then SDM is not
for learning SW engineering.
SDM is about learning SYSTEMS engineering.