Sunday, June 26, 2005

Ballgame Saturday

Yesterday we took two disco busses down to the Braves game. I was fortunate enough to be on the one with air conditioning. Dan, Susan, Franz, Tonja, Patti, Jamie, Larry, Grant, Tracey, Radio, and I sat around the kegs at the front of the bus. We sang along to Guns and Roses and other music on the way down after meeting in the parking lot at 10:30am.

One tradition of the bus trip it to create name tags for others on the bus. It's a pretty funny process. The rules: you are not allowed to make your own tag, and you must wear your tag the entire time. This process provided much laughter on the way down.

We got to the Turner Field parking lot around noon, and tailgated until 1pm. We were surrounded on either side by one Baptist church group and one school group. Poor guys =D. We were actually a pretty well-behaved crew, but we did have three kegs sitting in the parking lot. It was great to see Betsy and Chris G. who were on the second bus, and who I have not seen in a long time.

Todd and Lance joined us, which was awesome. I really, really miss those guys =(. Lance continues to lose weight...any more and we won't be able to see him if he turns sideways. Todd looked great too, despite having been through a very tough couple of weeks with the sudden loss of his father. (My and my family's deepest sympathy goes to Rachel, Todd, and little Sophie.)

We went into the game and set up camp at The Chophouse. A few beers there, some chili cheese fries for lunch, and you got yourself a little bit of heaven. After the game, we took the bus back and hopped over to Goober's for some beirut (beer pong with throwing instead of paddles). Susan and I did not do so well...okay, she did but I stunk.

It was great to see everybody, and i always love going to Turner Field. From what I understand, it was a pretty good game, too =D

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