Sunday, June 19, 2005

Back Home and Exhausted

I'm back in Charlestown. Last night we had the class dinner, then a party. Some observations:

1. I realized this is the first time I have been single at Dartmouth since 1993!!! Last reunion, I had just spent much of the week on vacation in New Hampshire with Steve. I still went solo to the reunion because he had just started doing JANITORIAL WORK Friday and Saturday at A LOCAL DINING ESTABLISHMENT and could not take the weekend off. Before that, I visited with Dan when we were still dating back in 2000. Prior to that, I was still dating Kevin, my college sweetheart who I had dated since 1994. Hadn't realized I hadn't flown solo for so many years....

2. Dartmouth people are amazing. Less than two percent of the folks there had put on any weight. It was crazy! Dartmouth is a very athletic school and it shows.

3. I should NOT stay up til 5am drinking. Not good.

4. Sometimes I would pass someone that I had known at Dartmouth but never been friends with; not anyone I disliked, just was never close to. These are the people you don't want to waste time with at reunions just because there are so many others to see. So they know you've seen them, and you know they've seen you, but you quietly refuse to acknowledge one another's presence. Hilarity.

5. Even though I was never very active, I am happy I was in a sorority at Dartmouth. Funny story though...I saw this woman at one of the events, and said, "Wait, you were in a sorority, right? I can't remember which one." She replied, "Yours." D'oh! It's fun to go over for pong and stuff. I'll post pics later.

6. Way fewer dogs at Dartmouth. It's quite sad.

7. Last night, I hit three fraternities (SAE, Zete, and Chi Gam. Chi gam literally smelled like horse manure. I don't mind the smell of mung, but horse poo? No thanks. I left quickly thereafter.

8. Few things in life make me as happy as holding cotton candy in one hand and a beer in the other. I got to do that on Saturday. Yes, I have pics and I will post.

9. Dude, I'm friggin' tired. I'm going to nap.

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Eve said...

you are SUCH sorority girl... I bet you even carry around a pink pocketbook:)