Friday, June 24, 2005

Buh Bye Scully, Hello Atlanta!

Last night, I brought Scully to my parents' house in the 'burbs. The day I got Scully, I was driving her home from the shelter when I looked down and realized she was trying to get out of the temporary box they gave me for her: her teeth were wrapped between two of the airholes, and she was pulling away. I got home before my new pet could escape. I was a bit scared of her because of this incident, but she has turned out to be the nicest, friendliest cat.

I invested in a very nice bag for her. It looks like a gym bag, but has an opening for a cat, with two zippers and air vents. She breaks out of this thing EVERY TIME she is in it. She will climb out of the bag and into my lap, occasionally standing up with her paws on the window and her legs still on me. It's very cute. Then she'll climb in the back seat and look out the window. We always get lots of waves.

She is very happy at my parents' house. Maybe because they spoil her? Tuna for snack every day!

After I got back into town, I went to Tavern on the Water to meet up with Dave, Christian, Spiros, and Matt L. They were sitting outside on the lower porch with drinks when I arrived, so I joined. It was a beautiful night with a slightly chilly wind. I always have fun when out with those guys...they are really funny, with that intelligent, rather dry sense of humor.

After that it was home to pack, and now I should probably stop blogging and get my butt to the airport =D

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Yoav said...

What kind of entry is that about Dean?? ;)