Thursday, June 09, 2005

Inaugural Night at Tavern on the Water

Although I had been prepared to stay in last night to finish (well, and start) my systems engineering homework then go to bed early to wake up at 6am for the gym, I got my usual Wednesday night call. Sure enough, Dave and Andrew were ready to go out in Charlestown. It wasn't our usual venue; we were going to Tavern on the Water which had just opened for the season Memorial Day weekend.

The talent was pretty low, so we pretty much kept to ourselves. I had planned to stay only 45 minutes, but thunderstorms starting rolling in, preventing my escape. After an hour and fifteen minutes, I decided to venture out. I left the boys chatting with two lovely women and went out into the storm.

Luckily, I saw a cab. He appeared to be waiting for someone. So I hopped in the back seat and said, "Did someone call you or are you at large?" He said someone had called from the Tavern. I told him no one else was leaving, and besides he could take me home and be back in two minutes, in time for the fare.

He drove me home without the meter on, so I gave him five bucks (all my cash), and jumped back into the rain. Wheeee.... I wonder how Andrew and Dave made out....

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