Friday, June 17, 2005

back at Dartmouth

Well...I'm back!! This is so weird! They have changed so much on this campus. I guess the fear of it becoming a "Little Harvard" is justified. Dude...some guys from my class are four computers down, and they really look bad. One used to be really hot.

Anyway, I went to West Leb today to go to BestBuy. When I was here, all we had was KMart. I"m not even kidding. And you had to drive 10 miles to get there. Now it has exploded with stores, including BestBuy where I dropped a LOT of money on a GPS system, but I used it on the way back to school and it was so much fun.

Okay, I am about to go into the stacks and inhale the smell of books. I'll try to keep you posted, but I can only blog from public machines.

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davididad said...

What kind of GPS system did u get