Wednesday, June 08, 2005

SDM: Term 2

Summer term is officially underway at MIT. I really enjoyed my first term. Even ERBA had strong points to it: the homework (and impossibility thereof) helped me to get to know and greatly respect many of my classmates and the chats were always good for a laugh (and for getting me busted for laughing). I didn't really like Tech Strategy either, but at least I had a good partner in John Hajdiwuesdfsasdfasdf and there were only six sessions. I really liked my Apollo and Innovation in Marketing classes.

I'm nervous for this semester; so far, it's shaping up to be quite dry. Our accounting professor has a good sense of humor, but I found myself struggling to pay attention after the first half hour. I loved the reading for Systems Engineering and learned quite a bit about myself from it, but the lecture had me on the train to Snoozeville.

I am also printing out the reading for the Systems Engineering. It is making a HUGE stack at the printer here. Many of them are scanned-in pages converted to PDF. YUCK. As for accounting, I like the book with it's easily-scannable bold-faced keywords, but this book is long as well. Anybody know where I can score some Ritalin? ;)

I'm hoping that the second lecture in each course will jump start the courses. In the meantime, I have opted out of Systems Dynamics and Operations Management in order to enjoy the summer a little bit.

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Yoav said...

I have a few comments ;)

Good choice opting out of Ops and especially System Dynamics. The people who think it's easy or fun will change their mind within a couple of weeks. Ops *is* interesting, but really relies on things covers in System Optimization.

Accounting is boring, though I agree the professor is decent. You should do as I do: I got a lot of reading, blogging, shopping, and card playing done during that class!