Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Florida:Georgia::New Hampshire:Massachusetts

In terms of driving, of course. I have noticed that cars with New Hampshire plates are even worse drivers than those with Massachusetts. The way in which they are worse is almost exactly the same as the way Florida drivers pollute Georgia highways: they occupy the left lanes at slow speeds, drive slowly in general, and really just drive like the blue-haired ladies in the Wendy's commercials.


Luke said...

Well, here in Florida people start driving when they are 15 years old and stop when they are around 120-130 years old.

Is New Hampshire like this? I've been almost hit by an (ahem) "overly experienced" driver twice.

So much for Tuck, then: I gotta live to enjoy the MBA benefits!

Ilana said...

Ah, I should clarify. It is only those drivers that venture out of the states, heading for the "big cities" of Atlanta or Boston that seem to cause problms.

Yes, New Hampshire is very similar to Florida in that respect. =)

Tuck rules. Very few cars on the Dartmouth campus.

Eve said...

that was an analogy i actually understood!!!

Ilana said...

Uh oh...that means the questions get harder now ;)

Yoav said...

I'm afraid to say I actually knew the meaning of the :: as an analogy. They use it on the SAT ;) Not to be confused with the C++ equivalent, of course: but how many people know both well enough to confuse them? ;)

Anyways, getting off-topic. I think rural drivers are every bit as bad as urban, but in different ways. Basically, 90% of the people who have drivers' licenses should have them revoked.