Saturday, June 18, 2005

Reunion: Friday Night

I went to our class tent. I was pretty nervous about being single at the 10th (9th) year reunion, but I shouldn't have been...many people were. How come only people getting married or having kids write in to the class newsletter? When I get home, I am writing a letter: "Ilana Davidi is living in Charlestown, MA. She is still single with one cat. In her limited spare time, she enjoys going to Warren Tavern and assorted drinking establishments in the local area."

ANYWAY, the first people I saw were a set of football players. I managed the team for two years and kept in touch with many of the guys for years after. Of course I had a complete brain fart, and forgot a couple of names, but it was great to see Tarran, Pat, and John M. Pat and John are both in Atlanta and did a pretty damn good job of trying to get me to move back down there. We soon ran into Dave and Emily DeStefano. Dave was on my floor freshman year and looks great. I also hang out a lot with Rose, Shannon, and Holly. The freshman River dorm crew of Oge, Nate, Tom, Steve, Patsa, and Kim arrived later. Kim has a 6-week old! She looks incredible. I did not believe it was her baby at first.

It's weird...the women look pretty much the same, and most of the guys look older. I guess it's good because guys tend to look better as they age, while us...not so much (fine wine my ass.... at least when we're talking about my ass).

We had EBA's food in the '96 tent, then went to the combined class (94-6) tent. I did not run into Pamela yet. Soon.

So after the tent. Oge, Nate, Patsa and hubby, Kim and Hubby, Scott, Tom, Kate and Jim and I went to EBA's. I had my tuna melt sandwich, completely the trifecta of required EBA's food (chicken sandwich, breadsticks with ranch, tuna melt.)

By this time it was about 2am so I wandered over to SAE, my second home while here. There, I player beer die with Dumbo, Weasy, Dingo, Stain, Sue, and Stench. No plunks, but I did okay. By the way, my plunk list is still on the wall!! It says "Moose" in chalk with my many plunk lines beneath (I will tell the Moose nickname story another time).

After beer die, Dingo and I took on some 00's in pong. We played two-cup lob, which was fine because we were playing with Keystone Light, which just happens to be a synonym for "rancid shit." Luckily, we didn't drink once. One of the 00's kept calling me darling, so I told him he could only call me that once he started playing like a man. Ah, I still have the smack talk.

And some skills! Dingo and I went one-on-one afterwards for a couple of games, and I beat him in both. Woohoo! So what if I can't do calculus, ERBA, or long division....I can play pong!!! =D

I think I got home sometime around 5am. I am definitely too old for this, but had a great time. I was up at about 10:30 (thanks to the ridiculously loud guy on the phone next door to me), and went to bagel basement for coffee and bagels. YUM.


Eve said...

i am impressed! 5 am!!! and 5 hours of sleep!! woah! youre gonna need some red bull tonight!

Yoav said...

Damn, that sounds like a lot of fun. I want the Moose story!