Saturday, June 11, 2005

Beach Day!

Went to Tricia's house in Marshfield for a day of beach and barbeque. Elizabeth knows Tricia from law school, so invited me along. The two of us drove down with Liz's boyfriend Frank. Once there, we went to the beach with other law school folk for a couple of hours, then back to Tricia's for a barbeque with her boyfriend Jason who was visiting from Jersey.

Tricia seems to cook as much as I do, but she made wonderful potato and macaroni salad . Frank did an excellent job at the grill. I had my twice-yearly burger and it was really good. We left shortly after eating to drive home...Liz and Frank to sleep, me to do MORE HOMEWORK. Wheeee....

Funny thing this morning on the way out of my garage, btw. Usually, when I pull out of my garage, I have a spectacular view of the USS COnstitution. This morning I pulled out and it seemed to be lost in a haze. I then realized that it is Bunker Hill Weekend and the Constitution is out for its "turnaround" in the harbor. Didn't get to see it sail, but it's back now with all of its flags raised. Very beautiful.

For all of you in Boston, the Bunker Hill Day Parade is tomorrow from 11am-2pm in Charlestown. Good vantage points on Harvard Street and throughout the town. Really fun stuff...lots of 1700's gear and fifery.


Yoav said...

Twice-yearly my ... ;)

Ilana said...

Do I need to make it any more obvious that I'm a hot-dog-type girl rather than a patty chick? ;)

Mane the Mean said...

And today (Saturday) there were the
GAY parade in Back Bay. Gay pride or
something is called.