Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dinner at Summer Shack, Bowling at King's

After work, I went over to Summer Shack for the SDM-sponsored dinner. On the way over (using my new GPS system) I spotted Sam, and we drove the rest of the way together.

Everything was included, even beer! Yum!!! The SDM05's were at first in a corner, but we eventually mingled. For dinner, I sat with Jeff, Matt R., John Haj, the industry rep, Moise (SDM03 from MITRE), and further down the table Uday, Sonny, Dave, and Bill Foley and spouse. I had the lobster, and really enjoyed it. I love meals in which you are supposed to get sloppy.

After dinner, I introduced myself to the bulk of the Naval people, who were sitting together at one table. A quick dessert of hot fudge sundae, and we began rounding people up to go out. About ten of us went to King's for some bowling: Sam, Dave, John Haj, Rajeev, Cenkhan from SDM and Chris, Stephen, Jason and Eric from the Naval thing. They kicked our butts, but it was fun. Plus it was ladies' night, so I bowled for free. YAY

After that, we headed over to Tavern on the Water to show our guests the great view of Boston. We closed the place down, getting kicked out at midnight (so lame to close so early). I apologize that today's entry is so poorly written, but I am wiped out from last night.

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