Monday, June 13, 2005

Having one of those days.... (Warning: Kvetching ahead)

This morning I left my condo, only to get to my car and realize I had forgotten my iPod, which I sorely needed for my commute and for the gym after work. I went back up to the condo, grabbed the iPod, pet Scully, and went into the elevator again (no stairs to parking lot). Upon exiting the elevator, I realized I had also forgotten my cell phone, but decided to leave that behind.

Got to work. On walking in, creepy security guard #3 greets me by asking to see pictures of my vacation. I have already had problems with two security guards--one here and one at CNN--and am NOT in the mood to deal with it again. I'll blog on that another day.

So I manage to get out of that situation and head upstairs to find the air conditioning in the office I share with another developer is out. I like my office hot, but it was a sauna even for me. We called to get it repaired, but they still haven't come.

Then I went to the department refrigerator to move my salad dressing from the freezer to the fridge. Why? Because they clean out the fridge every two weeks, throwing everything away, but the items in the freezer are safe by policy. Nuh-uh. Dumbass fridge cleaner threw out my salad dressing. I felt silly calling to complain, but this is the third time they've done this. Shouldn't have felt silly...they'd received two other calls by 9:30.

I have a briefing today at 3:30 and my boss is very particular about briefings (and everything else), so I need to do four iterations of the powerpoint before the briefing. So no practice time for me.

Aaannd Yoav pointed out that we have accounting on Friday as well, so that is two accounting classes I need to miss in one week. (Gotta go to Dartmouth for my 10th year reunion, which is actually my 9th year reunion, but Dartmouth does reunions in groups of three classes).

That's it for now. Sorry to vent. If one of you writes back, "Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays," I'll do to you as they did to the printer. (If you don't understand these statements, go rent "Office Space" RIGHT NOW. I'm having one of those days where I'm going to get home and watch it again so I know I'm not alone...)


Yoav said...

Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays...

Ilana said...

That's it, Shapira! I'm goin' printer on yore ass!