Thursday, September 29, 2005

Young Dartmouth Alumni

I just returned from a Dartmouth Young Alumni event. I originally was not going to go, as my allergies have left me feeling very weak and icky, and I actually got sick from not eating anything and taking allergy medication...ick! I decided that these events happen once a year, so I should just suck it up and go.

Let me tell you, I may be a Dartmouth alumna, but I am certainly not a young one. Everybody at this event graduated in 2000 or after! Well, everybody except for the three other 96's and one '98 who eventually stood clustered in a corner.

It was open bar, so I made my way up for a drink. It was seriously like being in Theta Delt on a Wednesday night. People were ordering 4-5 drinks per person, and shoving against the bar. Very weird. I tried to leave the bar area so I could go to the adjacent bar and buy a drink, but the entrance was flooded with the young'uns.

So, as previously mentioned, I ended up talking with the three 96's. Who started talking about their kids. And that's why I'm back home at 8:35. =D

Weird night. I'm looking forward to this weekend when Oge, a fellow 96 and good friend, comes to Boston for a Saturday night pub crawl. woohoo! Then I'll feel like a young alum again....


Mane the Mean said...

Just curious: is there some plant pollen in the air at the moment? I have seen some flowers, but not that many.

Ilana said...

No flowers, just milkweed. It's a horrible little weed that releases its seeds into the wind (and apparently right into my sinuses).

Much different from allergies in the South or elsewhere in the world.

Anonymous said...

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