Thursday, September 01, 2005

I'm scared.

I had/have plans to go to the Miami-Florida State game in Tallahassee, FL on Monday, and was really looking forward to the game. I'm a little frightened to go, though. Dan and I were/are going to fly into Atlanta, then grab his truck (which has a full tank of gas), and drive to Tallahassee.

Here is a list of what I am afraid of. Please don't judge me based on these; some of them sound petty compared to what people are going through down South, but I'm trying to be honest.
Sickness from refugees (not sure if it's just disease from dirty water or contagious stuff as well)
We get to Tallahassee, but they're out of gas, and we can't get back to Atlanta
We get to Destin and the place is overrun with refugees (petty, maybe. But this is my vacation...I don't want to come back more sad)
We somehow run out of gas in the middle of south Georgia
Lawlessness spreads from New Orleans down route 10
They start cutting flights because they cannot keep the planes filled with gas

I guess that's it. Looking at my list, it doesn't seem too bad, I guess. We wouldn't drive through Alabama or any of the back roads like we usually do to get down south. We'd take route 10 to 75 to get back to Atlanta from Destin.

So what does everybody think? Am I nuts to go? Nuts not to go? Just plain ol' nuts? I've really been agonizing over this decision (okay, that's a bit strong, but I am trying to decide whether or not to go).


Walter Jeffries said...

I would not go. You are right to be afraid. Stay out of that area and don't become a part of the tragedy. As to your fear of car-jackers, that is a very real threat. We have even had car-jackings and killings by car-jackers here in rural northern Vermont. I travel with one of our dogs almost always. She rides "shotgun" and has stopped people intent on entering our vehicles when we were there and when we were not there. Those types of people just move on looking for easier prey. Having a dog ride with you is harder to do down south with the heat.

Eve said...

I would consider not going too... but that's just me... there is something in the comfort of knowing you are comfortable where you are...

Yoav said...

I just have a policy of not traveling into disaster areas, especially ones that require tens of thousands of troops to (sort of) control...

And BTW, I don't think any of those fears you mentioned are wrong: I understand them all. You're just pragmatic and realistic, which is a good thing.