Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Go, Sox!

Katie and I headed to Fenway last night after work, but the game was rained out. We met up with Jeff and Steve and went to Jillian's for drinks instead. It was a very fun time.

Today, Katie and I once again made our way over to Fenway. The day was perfect: sunny, breezy, gorgeous. Jeff came over to sit with us in the 7th inning. It was a great game! Sox won 3-1. Everybody stayed until the very end of the game. I really didn't see any of the crowd leaving early.

After the game, we went to Jeff's apartment to pick up his very well-behaved chocolate lab Riker. We walked Riker across the bridge to Katie's car in the west lot annex. Jeff, Riker, and I then made our way over to building one, where I planned to see if I could catch up with John Haj or anyone on my project management team as they filed out of class. I unfortunately missed them all. Of course, the author of the delightful note below was one of the few folks I ran into. Nah, that wasn't at all awkward. Then I walked to the west annex lot with John Wang, who I really haven't seen much this term and was great to catch up with.

All in all, a wonderful afternoon! Now I am going to try to punch out some of the software engineering homework and business of software stuff before my next project meeting.


Yoav said...

Bring us up to speed, please, on who these people are ;)

Ilana said...


John Haj = John Hajdiewkiwitz SDM dude
John Wang = SDM dude
Author of delightful note = asshole
Katie - coworker
Steve - Jeff's friend
Riker - Jeff's dog
Jeff - cute boy