Friday, September 02, 2005

What it's like

I have told most people I have contact with this story, but it's an amazing one, so I'll type it as well:

My friend Dingo keeps a blog. He is a member of a democratic circle-linking-type thing to which a member called MaxedOutMama also belongs.

Long story short is that MOM reads Dingo's blog, and recently read about his search for Boomr in New Orleans and Gulfport. Without having met Boomr, MOM traveled down to Gulfport from Atlanta to rescue him and his parents. She was unable to find him; apparently his family has moved from the furniture warehouse. However, she did give a good report on what is going on there.

If you have time, please stop by and leave her a comment. If we had more people like her in this world, it would be an amazing place.


Dingo said...

Thanks for the post "Ilana." New info on Boomr. I just got word that there is updated info on his location and some of his family memebers are driving in from TX to find them.

BTW. Boomr spends a lot of time debating Maxed out mama on her blog. That is how they know each other. I can't thank her enough for trying to find them.

BTBTW - now that I finally have your blog address, you will be linked :p

Ilana said...

Ah, gotcha! I just thought they knew one another through you. I guess in a way they do =)

Thanks for the update.

Dingo said...

yeah, Boomr initially started out at my blog, but then branched out quickly... anything to not actually work.