Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Happy to be here

Dan and I flew into Atlanta today from Pittsburgh, and immediately got on the road. We drove to Tallahassee with brief stops just south of Atlanta to see Dan's sister Susan's new house and in Cordele for a very good Southern food buffet: we're talkin' fried chicken, mac and cheese, collard greens, ocra, potatoes, biscuits...YUM!

When we got down to Tallahassee, we headed over to the game, me in my Florida State shirt and Red Sox cap. It was amazing how many people shouted "Go Sox!" as I would pass them. The first time it took me too off guard, but after a while I would just respond with, "Go Noles!" It was great to see all the Sox fans and no Yankee gear anywhere.

As for my fears, they were all unfounded. It looks the same as it ever has down here. It's kind of weird. The one thing that struck me as very ironic was that people were standing outside the stadium protesting Florida State's mascot (the Seminoles) but not Miami's (the Hurricanes). We'll call this "Deep thoughts by Ilana Davidi."

The game itself was great though sloppy. We started tailgating at about 4:30, and went until 7:30. The usual group of Dan's fraternity brothers and spouses were there. We sat separately from them, though. The game looked sharp at first with FSU's running game in gear, but it quickly disintegrated. Luckily, both teams looked pretty bad and FSU ended up on top for the first time in seven games. Go, Noles!

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Yoav said...

Excellent! Now get out of there before Ophelia become real and goes east to west across the panhandle, just in time to shake things up as Nate comes ashore...