Thursday, September 29, 2005

So you think you can Dance and Lost

I was supposed to get lots of work done last night, but my allergies are making me really foggy, so I found myself in front of the TV for my two favorites shows.

So You Think You Can Dance was excellent. The four finalists deserved to be there. The only exception I may have made was trading Jamile for Blake because I believe Blake to be way more versatile. Of course, that may be because my own style is more similar to Blake's =D. However, Jamile definitely has the better personality, so yay!. I am rooting for Ashle to win. She is a stunning dancer; she looks natural doing any type of dancing. Ooo...blanking on the non-Jamile guy, but he is my choice for second. Third would be Melody...she's a gorgeous dancer, but always reverts back to the same ol' lyrical tricks. Anyway, that's my take.

And Lost kicked butt as always. I know people TiVo this show, so won't say too much about it, except that the first half was pretty slow but the last 15 minutes kicked butt.

Okay, think I've procrastinated enough...I have a big presentation at noon. It's at the point where I really can't look at it anymore or touch any of the software, so I'm kind of floating along in my allergy haze. =)

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