Sunday, September 18, 2005

Pats losing, Sox losing, Ilana grumpy

The Pats still look awful. The Sox are down 12-1. The Yankees (thankfully) are down 5-4.

I am so tempted to turn off the televisions set. The Pats just don't look like themselves. Then again, this team has delivered so much that one can never count them out.

Besides, if I shut the TV off, I need to do System Architecture homework. Then again, that might be less painful than watching this damn game.


Yoav said...

Terrible game today for the Pats... I couldn't stand it, turned off at the final turnover. And the Sox, well... At least the Yankees lost ;)

I still see it coming down to the final weekend of the seasons for the Sox and Yankees. And I have a terrible terrible feeling ;(

Ilana said...

How funny...I finally shut it off at the same time. I guess you can't win 'em all and this way the damn 1972 Miami Dolphins won't be toasting us for losing and preserving their record. (How's that for optimism?)

Yoav said...

I'm still not worried about the division, they'll win that. But I'm thinking overall conference standings. Every week I shall cheer against the Colts and Steelers.