Saturday, September 10, 2005

Go, Sox!

I am in New York for the Red Sox-Yankees series. Today I am heading out with my parents and Eve. Jeff will be attending in our other set of seats with one of his brothers, his brother's girlfriend, and an evil Yankee-fan friend. Despite my devotion to my Sox, I do like Yankee stadium (and Derek Jeter). However, I love my Sox and hope they kick butt both days. GO SOX!

BTW, for those tracking, my schedule since Monday has been:
Monday: Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Tallahasee
Tuesday: Tallahassee, Destin
Wednesday: Destin, Atlanta
Thursday: Atlanta, Boston
Friday: MIT
Saturday: Boston, Sharon, New York


Yoav said...

Yo go traveling girl ;) I hope the Sox win while you're there -- bring them good karma!

I also hope the rest of the semester will have you in town more, especially if we work in groups together... I don't want to work at a distance ;)

Mane the Mean said...


I wish I could travel as much.
No money and some thesis work
prevent extra travelling.

I hope you find time for your
assignment this semester. I assume
you are taking so many course -
more than I am!

Cylithria™ said...

Wow what a trip Ilana!! Hi there lady, I'm Cyli. I wanted to come and thank you for the link and the beautiful words you left on my Princess Molique Story! Thank you for everything lady and enjoy your trip!

Dingo said...

Thanks again for the tix!