Monday, September 12, 2005

Quick summary, then more software articles...

The Yankees games were great, especially Saturday's when we won! I enjoyed Sunday's game due to being able to spend time with my good friends and New Yorkers Jeff and Dingo (along with girlfriend Lynnette).

Some observations about the series:

  • When New York was down, the PA folks played a song to encourage them. I may have been one of the few in the stadium to realize what it was: the finale to "Bring it On," a movie about cheerleading competitions. Hmmm....interesting choice, boys.

  • There was very little fanfare for the 9/11 game. When I was there in years past, they had parachuters and eagles being released. Sunday's game was very subdued, though it was awesome to hear a few veterans introduced before the game

  • The fierceness of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry can eclipse even the emotion of the day. By the ninth inning, people were already growling at each other again

  • After "God Bless America," I heard a chant from the audience, and thought it was "Yankees suck," a chant I thorougly dislike. I listened closer, and it was a few sections of combined Yankees and Red Sox fans shouting "USA! USA!" Funny how much it sounded like "Yankees suck." It was cool though.

  • Speaking of cool, one side of Yankees stadium is about thirty degrees hotter than the other (sun side vs. shade side).

  • Many people were chanting "Yankees suck" or "Red Sox suck." If you combine these, you can get any of the following:
    Rankees suck
    Yank Sox suck
    And my favorite: Rank Sox suck.

  • It's great to have friends like Jeff and Dingo who you can call up after not speaking for a while and just go see a game.

  • I realized the amount of dirt available on me at that game was very risky. Jeff and I were born three weeks apart and have been friends since the playpen. Dingo knew me in college. Waaaaaaay too much ilanaknowledge for my liking

  • What starts off as a short list can grow much longer when you are procrastinating from reading software articles.

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Dingo said...

may I also add, way too much Dingo information available. She actually believes me to be a stand up guy.