Saturday, September 17, 2005

Software engineering reading

Andrew just called. He asked what I was doing. I responded with, "It's a Saturday night! What do you think I'm doing?" To his few guesses I answered, "No! Homework! Wheeee...."

I love my software engineering class. The professor is wonderful, and the readings are excellent. I am almost positive that this class will be one of my favorites--if not the favorite--of my classes at MIT.

The homework for the first couple of weeks is very time-consuming. We need to write a half-page summary and half-page critique on each article we read. While I think this is a good way to ensure that we thoroughly understand the paper, it certainly is a lot of work. I can't complain about it because I feel it is truly beneficial. I'm just kind of babbling on here as a procrastination device.

I am working on my fourth of the twelve that are due this Friday. Okay, I'll shut up and go back to my essays so that I can devote all of tomorrow to the bliss that is System Architecture homework.

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Yoav said...

Isn't it AMAZING how much better some classes are than others? Compared to the SysEng and SysArch readings, these have so much more value...